Benefits of Powder Coated Iron Fences

Powder coating is an environmentally friendly method of coating a fence in protective polymers and pigment without toxic paint solvents. This is effective through oven curing and static electricity. But did you know that powder coated wrought iron fences comes with advantages? If not, keep on reading to know more about this: 

How is powder coating applied on fences? 

First, the fence is stripped and sand-blasted of all flaws. After that, the powder coating will be applied using a gun that will charge statically and propels the sealant and pigment as a powder. The powder adheres to the metal in an even layer. Once the powder is cured in an oven, it bonds to the metal itself, which results in creating the best sealing coat. Keep in mind that fences are powder-coated in sections.  


Extensive choice of finish and color 

A lot of people fail to know that powder coating’s finish and pigment options are amazing. A lot of people think that powder coating is just restricted to what the manufacturers give—gray or black stippled finish. However, the options are pretty vaster compared to that. With expert powder coating, you can obtain any hue or color that you can imagine for your house.  

Upgrade old or new fencing 

When it comes to powder coating, among the best things would be because it’s a refinishing selection for both old fence and brand-new fence. Sandblasting is the initial stage of powder coating. This can make a smooth and clean surface that’s free of any old finish or paint, rust-free, and grime/dirt-free that may obstruct the coating procedure.  

Chip-proof resistance to rust 

Rust is one of the issues that powder coating can help. If you’re living in a place that rarely experiences rain and one that’s recognized for a dry, desert-like climate, you can expect your fence to rust once it rains. Powder coating can keep such an issue by resisting scratches profoundly and make it chip- or flake-proof. Since powder coating does not chip, it will not expose your fence to the risk of rust and moisture. Meaning, your fence will endure weather-related damage while looking great for a long time.  

Long-lasting durability 

Powder coating can flawlessly last for several decades, helping your property value and fence to be preserved without needing them to be stripped just to be repainted after every few years. 

Perceived and real security 

When a house has a fence that has chipped paint, there’s a subtle psychological indicator that they are more prone to intruders and that it somehow appears less maintained, though this is not always the case. But if you’re guilty of such a claim, you can always have your painted fences to be stripped are repainted to keep up their look and improve their sense of security. Because of this, the intruders will feel discouraged to attempt breaching your fence line to invade your house.  

If you’re interested to use this to upgrade your fence and to improve its quality, make sure to consult with the experts or visit today.