Types of Signages for Your Event

Perhaps event signs are last on your list of things to care of for your upcoming festival or tradeshow. However, the truth is that it should be one of your priorities.  

Indeed, planning an event isn’t a simple job. You need to make decisions that are vital to the success of your event.  

For those who don’t know, signs are crucial to any successful event, whether your organization or business is offering directions, getting consumers involved with interactive digital kiosks, or stepping up its branding efforts.  

Aside from that, signage is one of the first aspects of an event that guests will notice if you want to show a level of professionalism.  

However, before you look for a sign company to help you create signages, there are several types you should know. 

Entry Signage 

People often take signs for granted. You might overlook entry signage during the decision-making process. This is particularly true since banners and displays are extremely flexible. However, there is no better way than bold entry signage if you want to create an excellent first impression while facilitating the discovery of the entrance of your event.   Get cash train no credit check.

Though professionals suggest plastic signs for indoor uses, digital signs are an excellent way to offer a directory for entering attendees. LED signboards can also capture the attention of guests with social media updates, video content, and scrolling images.  

You should take advantage of the internet connectivity of the sign to inspire guests to share updates, photos, and more. 

Step & Repeat Banners and Backdrops 

Perhaps your event is not filled with millionaires or famous individuals. However, you will still have to photograph attendees. If that’s the case, you should set up a promotional banner instead of a plain, boring backdrop.  

For every person involved, sponsored logos can be a rewarding venture. Because of this, step & repeat banners are an ideal approach to steal some brand awareness. They just duplicate a design or logo in a tile-like format throughout a sheet of fabric or vinyl.  

Exhibition or Event Displays 

Setting up a custom display or booth should be your main priority if you are holding an expo or trade show. You will require stunning graphics and a remarkable design to cut through the visual noise of varied lighting, competing businesses, and passing attendees.  

Booth displays are the best way for guests to discover you, whether you simply offer an informational kiosk or intend to market your business.  


In any sign strategy of an event, banners should be the bread and butter. For those who don’t know, there are a lot of options you can pick from if you choose banners. This includes feather banners, outdoor pole banners, pop-up displays, vinyl banners, pull-up banner stands, and more. You can use all of them to boost the operations of your event. 

Do you have a musical concert or special guest? You can place stage banners on either side of the stage to inform attendees about whom they are watching. Aside from that, they can make a great addition to your event.